Innovative Design for More of What You Do

Lightweight, flexible and more responsive, FireLineā„¢ Multi Mission PPE is built for the work you do. Innovative fabrics offer the best combination of flash fire, thermal protection and abrasion resistance in a single-layer garment. Innovative design with articulated elbows and knees, generous gusseting, radial sleeves and anatomical patterning provides unrivaled freedom of movement. High quality construction and more options for truly custom gear mean you have the right gear, to do the right job, day in and day out. FireLineā„¢ Multi Mission garments offer first responders peace‑of‑mind protection with enhanced comfort, mobility and best‑in‑class performance.

Trench Rescue ■ Confined Space ■ Extrication/MVA ■ Search & Rescue ■ Incident Command ■ Scene Investigation ■ Grass & Brush Fire ■ Goodwill Calls ■ Wildlands